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Lazy 8 Ranch Specialty Pancakes

*organic, gluten free, kosher and women owned certifications

Our All Natural Ranch Hand and Triple Chocolate Chip pancake mixes, Organic Apple Pie and Organic Bananas Foster pancake mixes, and our delicious Gluten Free Strawberry Banana and Gluten Free Triple Chocolate Chip pancake mixes will be your family favorites!

Using our own blend of naturally delicious gluten free ingredients, our certified gluten free pancakes taste the way pancakes should-fluffy and delicious!  During taste tests at stores most people can't tell the regular triple chocolate chip from the gluten free variety. They are that good!

Our certified organic Apple Pie pancakes with their delicious blend of  the highest quality spices make you think you've bitten into your mom's classic apple pie. Easy to follow recipe options allow you to also create a cake like pancake that is perfect topped with french vanilla ice cream for a wonderful dessert.

Who doesn't love bananas foster?  Try our certified organic Bananas Foster pancake mix. Now, skip the flames and savor the scrumptious taste for breakfast. Tastes of rich caramel, bananas and brown sugar make these pancakes mouth watering. Prefer crepe sytle pancakes? No problem-just follow easy option directions on the box.

Finally, Triple Chocolate Chip just says it all.  Scrumptious semi-sweet, milk and white chocolate bits delight your taste buds in every bite. Hands down they are the absolute favorite of every child.

Lazy 8 Ranch Muffins 

Our mixes feature all natural ingredients, spices of the highest quality and real fruit with no preservatives.  If you want thousand calorie super sugary muffins look elsewhere.  Our muffins are real, honest muffins the way your mother used to make them.  American as Apple Pie, Cheeky Cherry Blueberry, and Sensational  Strawberry Orange muffins can't be beat. Add a pat of butter, a sprinkle of powdered sugar and they are a perfect compliment to breakfast, lunch or snack time.


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